Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Event Scam - Main Attraction

What conservative wouldn't want to see their favorite personalities up close and personal?! Enter Dan Baltes.

The latest incarnation of the Main Event scam focused on Glenn Beck and was exposed at the end of March/start of April 2011. However, we have received reports that Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Sean Hannity were similarly used last year.

Baltes approaches a speakers bureau and offers to hire Glenn Beck (or other personality) to speak at a live event that he is producing. The speakers bureau discusses dates, terms, costs etc and issues a proposal outlining the requirements that must be met in order for Glenn Beck to speak at the event.

Baltes takes this very official looking proposal to a venue (in this case an arena in Phoenix, San Diego, and Las Vegas) and explains that he is putting on this major show and wants to host the event in their venue. They also issue a proposal stating the date and time, requirements, and costs. Some venues post the proposed event on their web site.

These proposals in hand, Baltes approaches radio stations and conservative groups and attempts to sell sponsorship deals and VIP tickets. Any sponsorship money or VIP ticket sales go straight into his pocket.

He never pays the deposits for the venues or speakers and when they don't get their money, the events are canceled and Baltes disappears.

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  1. I've been documenting this guy for the Dupnik Recall in Pima County. Could we get in touch, I have some questions and possibly some more background.

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  3. or you could call at 520-808-8531 and/or send me your email...whatever works best.